the talisman of love, and symbol of patience


symbolizing rebirth, self-reflection, & wisdom … crows are an intermediary between this and the spirit world

why aster crow?

Blessed with having a soul puppy - Pico - I carry her with me, symbolized by a tattoo on my right arm; a tattoo of a crow holding an aster flower in her beak. Pico passed far too young from cancer, and As she was slipping away, I asked her to bark from the heavens. shortly after her passing, I stepped through our front door, and a crow flew over squawking their distinct song … and I *knew* it was her. 

By naming my jewelry brand in honor of my soul puppy, she is with me each step of the way, and her unique expression of love & wisdom is part of every creation Thank you for taking time to learn a bit more about our story.

~ jessica colaluca

to learn more about Aster Crow in relation to local Brodhead history & lore