Selenite possesses a very fine vibration, and brings clarity of mind. Selenite is a calm crystal, instilling deep peace. 

For those who enjoy crystals for meditation and healing purposes, Selenite opens the higher chakras, accessing angelic & higher guidance. 

Physically, Selenite aligns the spinal column and promotes flexibility. It reverses “free radicals” and is excellent for when nurturing a child.


crystal cleanser 

the miracle of Selenite is that it is self cleansing, and ideal for cleaning other crystals. Overnight, or just while you’re in the shower … clean your jewelry with a wand of Selenite.


Third Eye & Crown

Selenite also aids in: 
  • supporting skeletal, nervous, and respiratory systems 
  • promoting alignment of the spine 
  • sleep 
  • clearing confusion and aids in seeing the deeper picture 
  • understanding consciously what has been occurring on a subconscious level 
  • dispersing and stabilizing erratic emotions 
  • stimulating psychic senses 
  • opening the mind to higher consciousness 
  • contacting with high self, angels, & spirits 
  • healing the planet