red jasper


A measured and steady worker, Red Jasper’s effects build over time. Jasper corresponds to the earth element - providing protection, while grounding energies and the body.

Red Jasper aids in facing difficult decisions, necessary conflicts, rebirth, and putting dreams into action. Jasper facilitates fresh opportunities and new starts born from the bravery of taking action, overcoming stagnation, and surmounting emotional barriers.

Jasper absorbs negative energies, while cleansing and aligning chakras and the aura. One of the wonders of jasper is its absorption of the negative, and clearing of electromagnetic and environmental pollution, including radiation.

supreme nurturer 

Red Jasper is a slow and steady powerhouse crystal. Count on jasper as your most solid and reliable ally. Jasper sustains and supports during times of stress, bringing tranquility and wholeness. A stable, grounding, and protective crystal - Jasper connects us to the “I am” of the earth element.



Jasper also aids in: 
  • survival
  • reminding people to help each other
  • connecting to the earth
  • unifying all aspects of your life
  • balancing yin and yang
  • family
  • aligning physical, mental, and emotional bodies with the etheric realm
  • transforming ideas into action
  • rebirth
  • survival instinct
  • endings and new beginnings
  • bringing courage to address problems
  • assertively support during necessary conflict
  • encouraging honesty with yourself
  • balancing the mineral content of the body
  • shamanic journeys of dream recall
  • clearing electromagnetic and environmental pollution
  • low back pain, sciatic pain, and hips
  • water retention, constitution, fertility, and sexual function