An ethereal beauty that is both humble and otherworldly - The keyword for the moonstone crystal is; intuition.

Connecting us to our intuition, and opening us up to both serendipity and synchronicity, this ethereal stone soothes and stabilizes emotions. Filled with receptive, passive, female energy, this crystal in an incredible anecdote to excessive or toxic masculinity.

The moonstone promotes passion, empathy, and insights, all while inspiring hope and optimism. This stones aids us in welcoming wonder and imagination, while providing encouragement, validation, and emotional honesty.

stone of new beginnings 

Strongly connected to the moon and intuition, the moonstone reminds us that just as the moon waxes and wanes - everything is part of a cycle of change. This ethereal crystal encourages change & new beginnings, while breaking unproductive cycles & patterns.

Sacral & Crown

Moonstone also aids in: 
  • helping healthy energy flow 
  • releasing blocks throughout the energy system 
  • enhancing emotional well-being 
  • protection for travelers 
  • connecting to Divine Feminine 
  • purifying and protecting aura 
  • improving emotional intelligence 
  • drawing out old emotional patterning so it can be understood and dissolved 
  • banishing pessimism and oversensitivity 
  • developing clairvoyance 
  • enhancing youthfulness 
  • assisting in setting healthy boundaries 
  • encouraging lucid dreaming (especially at time of a full moon) 
  • encouraging breaking through deception and illusion 
  • resolving childhood baggage and trauma 
  • setting healthy boundaries 
  • disorders of the upper digestive tract (that are related to emotional stress) 
  • female reproductive cycle 
  • menstrual-related dis-ease 
  • stabilizing fluid imbalances 
  • water retention 
  • healthy skin 
  • improving sleep insect bites