Through removing worry and relieving the burdens of depression, Malachite promotes emotional balance and calm. With this “you got this” stone - life is lived more dynamically under its influence. 

Beyond helping to release inhibition and express feelings, this powerful crystal teaches us how to take responsibility for our actions, thoughts, and feelings. 

 Encouraging risk taking and change, this stone can be relentless in bringing to surface unwanted ties, unproductive patterns, and personal truths that are holding ourselves back.


keep it clean 

Malachite easily & powerfully absorbs negative energies and pollutants - from both the atmosphere and body. due this incredible ability, it is important to regularly cleanse malachite. Our preferred method is to cleanse crystals with Selenite.



Malachite also aids in: 
  • encouraging emotional release 
  •  aiding manifestation and abundance 
  •  calming anxiety & PTSD 
  •  strengthening willpower 
  •  improving relationships 
  •  circumventing egotism 
  •  fostering alignment with divine will 
  •  correcting irregular cycles and rhythms 
  •  drawing out pain relieving congestion 
  •  strengthening eyes & vision 
  •  harmonizing internal organs 
  •  aiding the immune system 
  •  tissue regeneration 
  •  physical balance endurance detoxing