lapis lazuli

If a crystal were a ninja - Lapis Lazuli would be a Jonin - An unhesitating and serene warrior, kinetic and balanced.

Lapis works swiftly in relieving stress, and brings deep peace by possessing an incredible serenity that is key in spiritual attainment. Lapis is a protective stone that recognizes psychic attacks, blocks them, and returns the energy to the source.

A protective stone that contacts spirit guardians, Lapis Lazuli awakens intuition, facilitates meditation, and helps master karmic lessons.

the feel better stone 

Think of working with this crystal as being enveloped by a protective cocoon - Lapis Lazuli gently welcomes in natural gifts & psychic abilities into a center of relaxation. Swift and serene, the benefits of Lapis are enjoyed without delay.

third eye


Lapis Lazuli also aids in:
  • brining clarity to dreams
  • creative expression
  • wisdom
  • revealing inner truth
  • confronting truth wherever you see it
  • boosting mental endurance
  • harmonizing heart and mind
  • relieving insomnia
  • dispelling disorganization
  • promoting balance of the yin and yang
  • benefiting the nervous and respiratory systems
  • breathing regulation
  • sleep apnea
  • boosting immune system and vitality
  • promoting healthy eyes and strong vision
  • supporting health of the circulatory system
  • regulating blood pressure
  • alleviating pain of headaches