Labradorite offers incredible protection against negative energy. It banishes fears, insecurities, and debris from past difficulties & traumas.

Labradorite strengthens faith in self and connection to the universe. Through not only removing negative energies, this incredible stone also removes other peoples’ projections, removing perceptions and thought forms that have hooked into the aura.

A bringer of light, Labradorite raises consciousness and connects with universal energies. It also repairs aura and chakras, as well as supports manifestation, meditation, and spiritual growth.


stone of magic

Possessing deep within in itself a powerful resonance, Labradorite helps to bring amazing changes to your life. A fast worker whose energy is quite visible to the user - labradorite awakens deep within you mystical and magical abilities.


all chakras - especial crown


Labradorite also aids in: 
  • strengthening and brightening aura
  • repairing damage to aura and chakras
  • connecting to spiritual purpose
  • supporting manifesting, meditating, and spiritual development
  • imparting strength and perseverance through change protection from negativity
  • banishing fears and insecurities
  • banishing psychic debris from previous disappointments
  • stimulating intuition and psychic gifts
  • counteracting escapism and daydreaming
  • bringing messages from the unconscious
  • relieving balances resulting in pain
  • balancing horomes regulating blood pressure