dreamy druzy

Often referred to as Druzy, these stunning stones are also known as; drusy, druse, druze, or aura quartz.

Druzy is created through a natural process - water deposits minerals on a rock’s surface, evaporates, and a crystallized layer is formed, Druzy most commonly forms on agate and quartz.

Druzy crystals each carry their own unique vibrations, while offering stunning sparkle only nature can create. a sparkling showstopper, druzy claims the starlette spotlight of crystal accessories.

druzy hues 

Druzy can be almost any color of the rainbow, black, or white. The color of These crystal formations depends on minerals and the stone they form on. Druzy used in jewelry is often its natural color, but can be dyed to achieve vibrant hues.

Druzy is a structural formation, and the chakra relationship is dependent on the crystal and minerals present.

More facts about druzy:
  • layers of druzy crystals are quite strong, with little chance of falling or rubbing off
  • some druzy stones are coated with natural metallic vapors, but most druzy has an artificial coating to seal it, as well as enhance color