clear quartz

from the Greek krystallos - meaning ice - Quartz Crystal was thought to be ice formed by the Gods. Origins of the word quartz is attributed to the German word Quarz - meaning “hard.”

Quartz crystal is the ultimate healing and energy amplifier due to its helical spiral crystalline form. Working at a vibrational level, Clear Quartz attunes to your specific energy requirements for healing and spiritual work. Storing information like a natural computer, consider it a spiritual library ready for you to access.

Raising energy to the highest possible level, Clear Quartz is an invaluable tool in high vibration living. Containing every color possible, it works on all levels of being.

master healer 

Clear Quartz cleanses the mind of negativity and raises spiritual receptiveness. It stimulates the immune system and brings the body into balance.


harmonizes all the chakras

Clear Quartz also aids in: 
  • concentration
  • unlocking memory
  • ideal for manifesting
  • meditation, filtering out distraction
  • dispelling static electricity
  • generating electromagnetism
  • raising energy to the highest possible level
  • held in the hand, Quartz crystal doubles biomagnetic field
  • amplifying energy of other crystals