black tourmaline

Grounding and protection are the superpowers of Black Tourmaline. A “body guard” against negative energy, it is also transformative because it cleanses, purifies, and transforms dense energy into a lighter version.

Radiating earthy energy, Black Tourmaline is a quiet giant that grounds spiritual energy, cleans and clears all the chakras, and is a masterful protector.

Promoting confidence, diminishing fear, and aiding in the understanding of oneself and others - Black Tourmaline attracts inspiration, compassion, tolerance, & prosperity.


the great protector

Black Tourmaline forms a protective shield around the body. Protecting against & transforming negative energy - it also clears aura, remove blockages, and points to solutions for specific problems.



Black Tourmaline also aids in: 
  • imparting patience and understanding
  • combating depression, fear, & stress
  • facilitating self-discovery
  • attaining wisdom
  • metabolism
  • immune function
  • bolstering defenses to environmental sensitivities
  • strengthening manifestation process
  • relieving tension in back and neck
  • understanding oneself and others
  • promoting confidence
  • diminishing fear
  • attracting inspiration, compassion, tolerance, & prosperity
  • balancing and connecting chakras