Consider Amethyst a crystal for the mind. It is a powerful regulator of emotions and the body, while bringing clarity to thoughts, perception, and metaphysical vision.

Amethyst transmutes energy into love, and promotes love of the divine. possessing a high spiritual vibration, amethyst is calming and purifying, Its serenity enhances higher states of consciousness and meditation, and is an ideal go-to for spiritual work.

An aura booster, temperament improver, and Reality conduit - this violet stone is commonly obtained, but extraordinarily beneficial.


spirit & wisdom 

Think of amethyst as helping to open the window to spiritual truth - a connection to that outside our physical realm. Amethyst aids in balancing temperament while promoting connection to higher realms.



Amethyst also aids in: 
  • understanding dreams
  • the visualization process
  • assimilation of new ideas
  • connect cause and effect
  • encouraging selflessness and spiritual wisdom
  • stimulating throat and crown chakra
  • dispelling nervousness and tension
  • balancing highs & lows, promoting emotional centering
  • decision making
  • negotiation
  • coping with responsibility
  • breaking bad habits
  • sobriety
  • the transmission of neural signals through the brain
  • reducing bruises, injury, and swelling
  • normalizing blood pressure
  • strengthening the eliminating organs and the immune system
  • easing headaches
  • supporting a healthy nervous system and bones
  • treating insomnia and brings restful sleep
  • promoting overall healing