Agate is a powerful harmonizer of yin and yang. Being a slow and steady worker, this grounding stone brings great strength. 

Soothing and calming, Agate improves mental function, while overcoming negativity and bitterness of the heart. Agate raises consciousness, while linking to collective consciousness ... facilitating awareness of the oneness of life.

A gentle working, yet powerful stone ... Agate stabilizes the aura, while eliminating and transforming negative energies. This cleansing effect is powerful on both physical and emotional levels.

solid zen

Corresponding with the earth element, Agate brings grounding and stability. Think of it as your rudder in choppy waters ... gently stabilizing, while promoting peace, grace, and self awareness.



Agate also aids in: 
  • promoting overall health and well-being
  • protecting and nourishing aura
  • grounds gently
  • inviting pragmatism and self awareness
  • promoting peace, grace, harmony, and personal development
  • revelaing root causes
  • nourishing and protecting the body
  • sustains in a time of transition
  • stabilizing metabolism/li>
  • regenerating tissues
  • supportive of skin, lymphatic system,
  • promoting deep sleep
  • stimulating digestion and elimination